The Administrative Center of Digital Film Content (DMCC) of the State Administration of Press, Publishing, Radio, Film and Television, founded in March 2004, is the state organ specialized in providing digital film management service to the film industry. The center has multiple business platforms providing service to industrial operation, including the digital film content storage platform, the digital film trade platform, the film plate-making and screening authorization platform, the national film digital copy satellite transmission service platform, and the film on-demand play copyright management platform. So far the services of the national public-benefit film screening, commercial theatre screening authorization and film copy satellite transmission have become the nationwide core services DMCC offers. DMCC will give play to the resource advantage of the digital film content platforms and provide wider-ranging services to the entire film industry, thereby meeting the requirements of technical supervision the government has on circulation and screening via industrial services, ensuring the good operation of all links and promoting the great development and prosperity of Chinese film industry.